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I was born in Dortmund/Germany on the 26 January 1961.

In November 1963 my family immigrated to South Africa and settled in Vereeniging where I grew up.

For the first seven years I went to Selborne Primary school,

followed by two years at the Vereeniging Technical High School.

Another year at General Smuts High School and then off to college for a year.

That was followed by an apprenticeship at Siemens Ltd which included academic training at the Vaal Triangle Technicon in Vanderbijlpark.

During my apprenticeship I tried my hand at flying. After about 26 hours and three solo flights I was transferred out of Pretoria and that brought my rather promising flying career to an end.

After my apprenticeship I spent the next seven years on construction installing and commissioning Telephone exchanges.

First the Electromechanical types,

and then the Digital ones.

During this time I tried my hand at Skydiving...not too successfully! After a couple of twisted ankles and neck I gave it up as a bad job.

A few years later I tried Scuba diving which was much more successful.

My final three years on construction were spent installing and commissioning the C450 Analogue Mobile Telephone system.

After that I had had enough of construction life and decided to settle down in Johannesburg.

A two year stint beginning in 1991 followed at the Mobile Phone repair center in Marlboro and Kramerville in Johannesburg. At this point I bought my present Home. Here are some photos of it.

At about this time I started Backpacking with my first hike being the five day 85km hike in the Fishriver canyon in Namibia. I continued backpacking after that but only really started it on a regular basis in 2001 when it became a monthly fixture in my life.

In January 1994 I managed to land a job in Waltloo Pretoria on the then new GSM mobile Telephone technology. After about a year our department was closed down and I ended up in the fixed line business still in Pretoria at Siemens.

In 1997 I realized my next major passion, namely world travel. Since then I visited Mauritius twice, the Seychelles, Thailand, Malaysia, England, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, USA and Vietnam.

In April 1999 I met Silvia on a Sunday day hike of the Siemens Hiking club. We share the same major interests of hiking, travel, camping and the outdoors in general ( and good wine! ) and so have been together ever since.

For the year 2000 celebrations we went to a remote beach north of a little town called Port Nolloth on the South African west coast and celebrated the great year in total isolation with a bottle of 1961 KWV port that I had bought many years earlier and saved up for the occasion.

In the beginning of 2001 that I took over the Siemens Hiking club for awhile, and between Silvia and myself started organizing monthly hikes for Siemens employees.

In October 2002 the fixed line business was closed down and I went back onto GSM.

In 2003 I celebrated my 25th anniversary at the company.

Finally in July 2004 we moved to Midrand into a new building. I am now substantially closer to work, with only about 15km of travelling. Originally the front of the building was in the shape of a ship that has now been changed, but we still call the place "The Titanic". Every company that had previously occupied the building went under. Lets see.....!!

At the office.

Due to cost cutting measures at Siemens, they switched off the light at the end of the tunnel, so after 28 years I decided to quit and Silvia and myself started our own webdesign business.

Here is a photo of Silvia, my mother, father and me at my parents home in Vereeninging taken in September of 2006.

Towards the end of 2006 we joined Toastmasters for a couple of months to attain some public speaking skills. Unfortunately it turned into a rather unpleasant experience and we left again.

Sadly on 29 September 2007, my father passed away.




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